Bad news for underage (below 18) PUBG Mobile India players

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1. Consent of Parents is mandatory for players below 18

Players under the age of 18 will have to get the consent of their parents to play the game .

For confirmation the underage players will have to register themselves with their parent’s mobile number in the game . 

According to Krafton, the gaming data of all Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers will be stored on   Indian and Singapore Servers.

This restriction is a failsafe for the last year ban on PUBG and  as the government as well as the  parents were concerned for the addictive nature of the game mainly seen in teen agers , this would sooth their concerns.


2. Reserved gaming time

Krafton released an advisory according to which the players under the age of 18 cannot play the game more than three hours . 

Parents can contact the developers if they feel that their child is getting addicted to the game so that they can deactivate his/her account permanently. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India will have its , exclusive in-game events and esports ecosystem, which are expected to be based on Indian themes that can be bummer for the players that crave the default and global PUBG environment.

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