Cloud Gaming on PC-Nvidia’s GeForce now introduced it

Cloud Gaming on PC

It is here Nvidia’s GeForce now introduced it.

So beating your sister in Street fighter’s battle or car racing, nothing can beat that feeling of happiness except maybe if it is cloud gaming on the pc

And the angry look on her face? It satisfies your inner gamer. 

Gaming has been part of kids lives for many centuries. If you have never played a game in your childhood, you have not really lived. 

How are you even alive dude?

Life without playstation, Xbox or Nintendo is like life without a girlfriend. 

You might have people around you but have no partner for spending your time with. 

Games will stay with you in times of happiness and sadness will stand by you in health and in sickness.

Presenting “Cloud gaming on PC”

Sometimes you’re too lazy or your pocket is too empty to buy any pc games. 

But you still love gaming so you start a wrestling match with your sister to kill time.

She starts crying and then it’s time for you to get scolded by your mom and lose some gaming time. Not cool.

Nvidia’s GeForce has come up with the best idea of gaming since Pacman “cloud gaming on pc”.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is basically online gaming where you can either go for gaming based on video streaming or file streaming. 

Through cloud gaming gamers can play the latest games virtually even if their hardware does not support gaming.

This latest trend of gaming connects people or gamers around the world and provides them a virtual platform to combat with each. 

You may even find love through virtual gaming, who knows! and go on a date if you take a short break from gaming.

Now coming back to gaming, cloud gaming on pc can help you save a lot of space both in your house and computer. 

With this new technology there won’t be a need for buying gaming consoles that are costly and take a lot of space in your room. 

No more worries if you have an old PC or an outdated Mac, cloud gaming can run on computers with hardware not designed for supporting games. 

Of course a custom gaming pc makes it better.

But youll have no more pain of downloading games and trying to play them in slow motion.

Nvidia’s GeForce

Nvidia has come up with this revolutionary idea of cloud gaming. 

They have not made an application that has a list of games in it; rather people will log in to their site and choose the game they want to play. 

Nvidia’s GeForce will then buy that game directly from the distributor and run it on its grid servers as long as the gamer wants to play.

Sounds fun, right? And you thought all of this will be free of cost? 

Or maybe that you’ll just pay a small fee once a month and play as much as you like? 

Well that is not exactly how it works. Continue only if you can bear it. 

Nvidia will charge $25 for 20 hours to every player. It means even if you reach 20 hours plus 1 minute, you have to pay more than $25 for it.

Nvidia’s GeForce gaming service may be a little expensive but it will provide you with an experience out of this world that you just cant get with a normal computer or low end gaming pc and you’ll definitely get addicted to it. 

Just dont sell a kidney to buy a topnotch gaming pc and just give Nvidia’s GeForce gaming service a try instead.

Cloud Gaming on PC

Nvidia’s GeForce now introduced it so now all the world will be happy and everyone will be able to sleep better and we will all be happy. We’ll maybe not but it is pretty cool so check it out>>>