Desktop Gaming PC-Ultimate gamer rig

Desktop Gaming PC

Check out the specs on this Gamer’s dream pc:

CybertronPC Thallium X99 Desktop Gaming PC – Liquid-Cooled Intel i7-5960X 3GHz Octa-Core Processor, 64GB DDR4 Memory, 3x NVIDIA GTX980 Ti (6GB GDDR5) SLI Graphics, 400GB SSD, 3TB HDD, Windows 10.

For all you guys who think this awesome desktop gaming pc ultimate gamer’s rig is out of their league. Think about all the money you wasted on junk food and stupid game consoles and games.

If you had the money for that crap you can save up or sell all the stuff you don’t need and get your own ultimate gamer’s rig with this super cool gaming pc. 

But i do have to admit this is one expensive desktop gaming pc even though it is the ultimate gamer rig. Most folks don’t have that kind of money right now.

Although we can all dream and save up to get this gaming desktop pc that every serious gamer needs in his room.

This is every gamer’s dream machine. Want to know why? check this out>>

  • Intel Core i7-5960X 3.00GHz Octa-Core Extreme Processor
  • Unlocked CPU with Asetek 591LX Liquid Cooling Solution
  • 64GB DDR4 Gaming Class Memory
  • Three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980TI graphics in SLI configuration
  • 400GB Solid State Drive w/ 64MB Cache
  • 3TB SATA3 7200RPM Hard Drive with 64MB Cache
  • Touch LCD Fan Control Panel w/Selectable Color
  • Blu-Ray Writer Optical Drive
  • 802.11ac Wireless
  • 1200 Watt 80 Plus Platinum Fully Modular Power Supply
  • Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
  • Gaming Class Keyboard/Mouse
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty (1 Year on Parts + Lifetime on Labor)

Need more info? Ok then. check this out>>

The Thallium X99’s full-tower chassis is a hardcore gamer’s dream with generous space for luxury overclocking hardware and tons of room for future upgrades. It also offers easy maintenance shortcuts like tool-free removal of side panels, hard drives, and graphics cards. A three-speed fan control button located on the front-panel is a true time saver. The performance-inspired Thallium X99 is engineered with 64GB fast DDR4 Gaming Class memory, 400GB SSD O/S drive and a 3TB SATA3 7200RPM hard drive storage.

So if you have more money than you know what to do  with and want the ultimate desktop gaming pc here is your chance. check it out here>>>