Far Cry 6 mind boggling new features

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It seems like FarCry franchise has settled itself with the same formula that made FarCry 3 in 2012. We saw some diversion in FarCry Primal where we were sent to the stone age .But the soul of the game have been the same ever. It feels like Ubisoft have found a pattern and held onto that .

That’s the reason of excitement cause their are noticeably new features in the new FarCry 6 trailer. It’s not like they have completely redesigned the game but here are some new features :

You can holster your weapon to blend in

In the previous FarCry games enemies seemed to recognize you if you get spotted no matter if you are actively aggressive or crouching ideally.  

But the scene has changed a lot in FarCry 6 , you can now blend in with the citizens of Yara .You only have to holster your weapon. But you still can’t get too close to the enemies  or can’t go strolling in the enemy base without raising some eyebrows.
But when you’re out in the world, and you see some enemy soldiers approaching, you can holster your weapon and they’ll assume you’re just another citizen.

Driving through checkpoints is and coming out without holes is possible as you can venture through them unchecked!

You can act like a trojan horse , be stealthy holstering your weapon and when you approach the enemy bam !! 

This means scouting , roaming and exploring is now smoother.

You can ride horses

We were not able to ride horses in the previous installments of the series , but this time they did it right .
Now you can roam the terrains of the world riding on a horse’s back .
Though a lot of attention is given to the cars in FarCry 6 but riding a horse is much fun or more or less the same depending on the player.

You can use photos to find mission locations

In the game the player can find locations using picture on their phone as shown in the trailer , instead of following the trail marked in the map.

It’s somewhat similar to treasure hunt in Red Dead Redemption and hand help map in FarCry 2, well it’s at least more exciting than following a big arrow in the screen to reach your destination.

Weird-ass weapons still exists

Unlike previous versions of the game , FarCry6 has a  variety of geographical landscapes like islands , villages , a capital , etc. 

Apart from this we will get to see a vast variety of flora and fauna in the game  to explore.

Guns for Hire are out, but you still have animal pals

In FarCry5 and New Dawn different NPC’s could be hired for help .But there are no human NPC roosters to in FarCry 6.

 You’ll have a couple animal buddies, like Chorizo, an  little dog in a wheelchair , and Guapo, a crocodile to tear the enemies apart.

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