Must have tech accessories if you are Working from home

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Ever experienced low connectivity while watching a video or uploading that important file !? if yes, then you  need a WIFI signal booster or extender  at your home . It receives the signal from your WI-FI Modem or Router and extends it further .

You can also make your old WI-FI Modem or Router as a signal booster device by following some simple steps which can be found in various DIY tech videos in YouTube .

In a work from home setup Laptops are considered the center piece but for most of the people using their mobile devices simultaneously is a must  . Many also use their phones as Wi-Fi hotspots .

A smartphone dock can be a life saver in these time. It allows you to see the phone’s screen upright all the time so you can see each notification while you do your work .You can also keep your phone on landscape for your media consumption or for the time you need stability while taking some photos.

Such docks can act like a tripod when you are using your phone as a camera by using app like DroidCam .


The internet is full of malicious programs and softwares that can compromise your privacy, you might accidentally download a spyware from an untrusted website and  may not even realize but a person might use your webcam to intrude your privacy even if you are not using your system .

A slideable cover for your webcam is what you need to double sure you privacy concern and you can get a bunch of them for 150 rs approx. in amazon or flipkart .

Laptops tend to heat up more than a desktop because of obvious  mediocre cooling and out of place ventilation ducts .
So when you are working from home for 8-10 hours continuous your laptop tends to heat like an oven and that drastically effects your system performance .
For that you should look up for a external cooling solution for your Laptop that will also act as stand, therefor cooling pads or stands  comes into play to provide active or passive ventilation for your system.

Laptop desk for bed

You might have experienced that working while sitting on a chair in front of a table can be tiresome if done for a long time , but you still need to complete that report, so what to do ?.

Here you may need a  ‘Laptop Desk for bed’. These tables are what you need to work late at night or early in the morning  without leaving the comfort of your bed .

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