PC Gaming Better Than Console Gaming – Seriously?

Is PC Gaming Better Than Console Gaming?

In the endless debate over PC gaming versus console gaming, gamers are constantly thrashing over which is truly the ‘best’ gaming hardware.

Millions of gamers use both hardwares for gaming, and the gaming industry itself has grown to surpass $90 billion in 2016.

At the end, however, the ultimate verdict comes down to the following factors: Price, Graphics, Scalability, Compatibility, and Connectivity.

When it comes to price, the general consensus is that it’s cheaper to purchase a console rather than a complete gaming PC.

Consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One are from $250 to $450, while gaming PCs extend their price range higher up.

With purchasing a PC, you’ll receive the complete gaming platform and functionality, such as platforms like Steam.

The bulkier PC purchase allows for a greater variety in gaming purchase options.

In the long run, the greater initial buy of a PC breaks even with the cheaper buy of a console for hard-core gamers.


Graphics also goes along with price — the pricier initial buy of a gaming PC makes up for both the more powerful PC speed and graphics quality.

Though game developers are increasing the quality of their games’ graphics, better graphical capabilities within a gamers PC in general are making up for the price. 

Also, due to the power of the complete hardware and functionality of a gaming PC, extend greater lengths over console hardware.


With consoles, the next line of hardware recycles every 1-2 years.

Because of the constant updating of technology, consoles unfortunately have to be renewed and repurchased in order to stay in the lead of technology.

The best gaming PCs are more versatile in nature, and because of its complete hardware, the upgrades are patchable and easily accessible with the same machine.


In addition to scalability, PC hardware is also compatible over old and new versions of hardware.

This backwards compatibility makes PC’s both scalable and compatible with a wider selection of games, making it the ideal choice for gamers interested in playing retro and original games.

This includes emulators, modifications, and cross-platform multiplayer games.


An important aspect of gaming is connectivity with friends and foes.

On a gaming PC, gamers are able to play their games while also chatting through third-party applications like Skype or Discord.

Because PCs are universally recognized and utilized, the accessibility and functionality of a PC is paramount to gamers who enjoy playing with not only themselves, but with their friends who may not be playing the same game or application as them.

So basically, the answer to the question: Is PC Gaming Better Than Console Gaming?, is it your preference.

A custom gaming PC is awesome and versatile but it is expensive and online gaming is still fairly new.

So it is up to you, your budget and what you want. Therefore just pick something and start gaming.