Steam box is the future of gaming consoles

steam box

Steam box is the future of gaming consoles

Valve has maintained an excellent reputation among gamers from every corner of the world because they created the world popular online game store named Steam.

Steam recently announced that their living room console PC gaming box is going to be based on Linux.

Valve is working in collaboration with Xi3, a computer hardware company in order to provide this brand new pc gaming experience to the world.

The main objective of Steam box is to provide Gaming PC for your living room. The features of Steam box has impressed the gamers and they are waiting to get their hands on this new and exciting game console.

Steam box can assist the gamers to engage in their gaming activities on a high definition large television screen.

The console is based on Xi3’s X7A modular system, which consists of a quad core processor along with 8GB DDR3 RAM.

The storage medium consists of a one terabyte solid state device which ensures the speed and reliability.

Steam box has the ability to support up to 3 monitors for the convenience of gamers.

The Xi3’s molecular motherboard has made the Steam Box console portable and you can carry it anywhere you want.

Steam box can easily be upgraded and it can be considered as an impressive feature in this gaming console.

The technology used by Xi3 will help you with that and you can easily upgrade the memory, processor and other features according to the way you want.

The technology of the world is developing at a rapid pace and it is recommended to purchase an easily upgradable gaming console like this to keep moving with the world.

It will save a large amount of money from the gamers in the long run.

Steam Box

Iis is specifically designed to support big picture mode on televisions.

The powerful machine will help you with this and it can even be considered as a PlayStation killer.

Xi3 has maintained a positive reputation over the past few months by releasing quality products to the market.

Gamers expect that they will continue the good practice by loading Steam Box with impressive and durable features.

You can upgrade and use this device for a long period of time and you will not need to purchase another console under any circumstances.

Some rumors say that Steam Box will contain biometric readings that would allow games to change in a real time basis based on the heart rate of the gamer.

Valve Steam Box

However, it does not have a fixed price, a release date and confirmed specifications for the moment.

It is expected to be released on the month of June and gamers keep their fingers crossed until the release in order to have this exciting gaming experience.